I’ve been an advertising photographer for my entire working life, but in the last few years I’ve embraced the motion picture and I’m in love with the combined power of the two mediums, whether telling a story, relating an experience or selling a product.

I’m obsessed with making cohesive still and motion pieces that can not only invoke a response or nail the brief but also reflect my style and aesthetic.

I prefer that my work be regarded as reflecting life over lifestyle. A real and relateable moment, rendered with just enough stylistic consideration to make it beautiful.

My specialities are varied from food to automotive but anchored in the human story, our experiences and interactions with each other and the things that we will remember. If I can portray that, I have succeeded.

I can’t take credit but I’ve contributed to briefs that have yielded multiple industry awards, incl DnAD and Cannes Lions and also landed a few photographic awards for personal work.

Motion work has finalisted in Tropfest 2019, St Kilda 2019 and Pink Lady Winterbotham Darby Food Film.

In Australia I have a tried and trusted production team as well as access to the full-service production capabilities and backing of the Incredible Production Collective and EP Helen Doick.